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How to grow your business

Remove Inconvience

Everything I do is about removing inconvience from shopping experiences.

Your webshop or retail store makes it easy to shop, but does not remove the inconvience. The majority of your customers does not buy anything. It is too inconvient.

I help you to undestand how to remove the inconvience from shopping. I do it by advising in customer behavior when we shop online.

When you understand your customers, you will know what to do. You will know how to manage your e-commerce to new hights.

Let me tell you..

Claus Alvdahl Hansen

Business Analytics

Your benefits:

  • New webshop or redesign – what to do?
  • Sale Strategy – finding the biggest opportunities.
  • Sales Proces to manage the webshop (People, Process, Technology) – how can you do it more effeciently?

Package contains:

  • Coaching and consulting.
  • Perfomance Paid Bonus only when the problem is solved.
  • Pure commision.


    Your Benefits:

    • Growth strategy towards double digit growth.
    • Gap-analysis and Roadmap to your E-commerce Business.
    • More profit from your marketing spend.

    Package Contains:

    • Data Collection.
    • Analysis of customer behavior, Website, and Portfolio.
    • Presentations and faciliatating workshop.


    Your benefits: 

    • Chief Commercial Officer out-of-a-box
    • 40% anual growth in online sales.
    • More new customers.
    • Higher customer satisfaction.
    • Better marketing reach.
    • Stronger commercial mindset in your team.

    Package contains: 

    • Monthly retainer.
    • Fixed weekly working days.
    • No bindings.
    • Minimal investment.

    Structure & Order on Chaos

    Why work with us

    Your business has outgrown its original form. Sales are booming. Tasks are overloaded. The hamster wheel is spinning faster and faster.

    Back in the early days, as the Chief Commercial Officer, you could easily manage the business strategy, maintain close relationships with key customers and be a good team leader to your sales and marketing team. You also made sure that your e-commerce business grew as planned. This is the day-to-day life of many SME businesses.

    One day you realise that you need help. You need to bring some structure and order to your e-commerce sales. Your challenge is that the business is not yet big enough to justify a full-time director with the experience to manage and develop the business to a higher level. Perhaps you want to expand internationally or develop new areas of business. E-commerce is a cheap and quick way to test whether your plans are sustainable.

    This is why you should work with Alvdahl E-commerce Consulting. We will prepare your company for hiring a full-time director. With us as your partner, you’ll get immediate access to experience in growing your e-commerce business. You need expert feedback on how to grow your sales faster and as efficiently as possible.

    Monthly Retainer

    Flexible Hiring

    Unlike an interim director or freelance consultant who works on a project basis, we are hired on a monthly contract basis. This hiring model offers several advantages for companies seeking specialised expertise and leadership on an ongoing basis.

    Alvdahl E-commerce Consulting are equipped to handle specific leadership tasks that may be challenging to address within your current organisational structure. In a typical arrangement, they will be available for one or more days per week to work with you, dedicating their full working day to your business. Once the tasks are successfully completed, the contract can be terminated at the end of the month with no notice or commitment.

    By choosing a fractional model, you can benefit from significantly reduced costs compared to hiring a full-time employee or hiring a consultant. As payment is made on a monthly basis, in advance, the financial commitment is a fraction of what you would normally invest.

    Examples of Fractional Chief Commercial Officer tasks that can be undertaken include the following

    • Developing and implementing e-commerce growth strategies.
    • Expanding your business into new markets or international territories.
    • Optimising conversion rates and improving the customer experience.
    • Streamlining e-commerce operations and logistics.
    • Conduct market research and competitive analysis.
    • Improve digital marketing and advertising campaigns.
    • Evaluate and implement e-commerce technology solutions.

    However, the best approach is to book a meeting with our team to discuss your specific business needs and explore the most appropriate solution to meet your requirements.


    How we grow your sales

    If your e-commerce sales are not progressing as planned, or if you are seeking a more efficient return on your investment, hiring a fractional e-commerce director could be the optimal solution to drive positive change.

    Before embarking on the recruitment process, it is vital to agree the specific management tasks that need to be achieved. The primary objective of hiring a fractional director is to fill the gaps that exist within your current leadership team.

    Here are some examples of tasks that Alvdahl E-commerce Consulting can take on:

    • Develop and implement a comprehensive e-commerce sales strategy tailored to your business objectives.
    • Analyse and optimise your sales funnels to increase conversions and revenue generation.
    • Improve the overall user experience of your e-commerce platform to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.
    • Implement data-driven marketing campaigns, including search engine optimisation (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and email marketing.
    • Conduct market research and competitive analysis to identify market trends and capitalise on new opportunities.
    • Streamline and improve operational processes to maximise efficiency and reduce costs.
    • Use analytics and reporting tools to track key performance indicators (KPIs) and make data-driven decisions.
    • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to align marketing, sales and customer service efforts to deliver a consistent customer experience.
    • Evaluate and implement new e-commerce technologies and platforms to improve functionality and scalability.
    • Provide leadership, guidance and mentorship to your existing team, encouraging professional growth and development.

    These are just a few examples of how we can help your business. To discuss your specific needs and explore how our services can best support your goals, I encourage you to book a meeting.

    Go-to market strategy

    How should e-commerce develop in the future?

    You need an omgoing development of your strategy so it fits into the latest technological wins and the competion in the market.  

    Profit & Loss

    You need some more structure on the e-commerce business and have decided to make a quarterly budget. 

    You need someone who can manage the process to produce a profit and loss budget with supporting sales and campaign plans. 

    KPI Reporting

    There are over 100 digital algorithms that influence if the customer is buying or not. 

    You want to establish a proces where you daily can monitor the development and recieve non-technical reports full of jargon.


    You are not satisfied with the growth in new customers. 

    You need a more efficient use of your expenses in your digital marketing mix. 

    Customer Experience

    Sales is down and you are not getting enough orders per visit. 

    You want to increase conversion rates through a better customer experience. 

    Retention & Loyalty

    There are too few customers who returns and buys more than once per year. 

    How a can you retain customers that goes beyond traditional loyalty programs.


    You want to expand your portfolio with 3rd party products. 

    You want to sell other brands in your store. How do you integrate new products without a huge investment in inventory. 


    How do you get the physical sales, your stores or sales reps to integrate with your online e-commerce sales?

    There are a number of combinations and models where physical and digital can work in a win-win situation. 

    Test & Learn (A/B Tests)

    You have a lot of good ideas. When things are digital you can test everything and let the customers decide what idea is best.

    How do you create a test strategy.

    New Business Models

    More and more customers do not know what to buy, own and dispose of their products. Customers want flexible access where they pay for the use only. 

    How can you build and test a business model based on subscriptions?

    Market Places

    An alternative to your own webshop are market places like Amazon and Zalando. 

    You need to crate a plan on how to get started with market places. 

    B2B or B2C

      Your business model is historically built on one route to market. E-commerce can go both ways B2B or B2C but the models should have a different setup.

      How do you build a plan for the two models without too much hassle?

      My values

      An outside perspective


      I have solid e-commerce leadership experience and an impressive track record with major international brands such as Lenovo and 3M. Particularly in the commercial side of e-commerce.


      I am loyal to the people I work with. I have worked in two companies in the last 20 years – I believe in trusting relationships.


      I feel most comfortable in groups where everyone is transparent and open about their strengths and weaknesses. Because honesty is the best way to succeed.